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Creative Projects


Well, they say to write what you know. 

My original short film, It’s Hard to Find Love as a College Theater Major came to be first through the events that inspired it: the absolute battleground that is trying to date in college. That battle gets a lot worse when everyone involved is getting a theater degree. After sharing the sentiment that “this is basically a sitcom” with almost everyone I knew, I decided it was time for the world to know what I, and so many I held dear to me, were going through.  

I wrote the first ten pages of this film in 2023, in an Introductory Screenwriting class at UCLA. This class sparked an absolute joy for screenwriting within me, and I could hardly stop until those ten pages were expanded on, adapted, edited, and edited many more times to form the comedy It’s Hard to Find Love as a College Theater Major (or IHTFLAACTM, for short). 

And, with the help of so many of my fellow creatives, the film was shot at the end of 2023! I had the honor of co-directing with my incredible cinematographer, Kayla Louie, and acting alongside my highly talented friends and peers. Seeing something I wrote come to life, directing, and acting in the project was such a special process that I will always hold close to my heart. And check back in, IHTFLAACTM is currently in post production but premiering soon! 

Chloe on the set of "It's Hard to Find Love as a College Theater Major"


I’m currently a member of Company, a sketch comedy group that hosts and writes/performs sketches for UCLA’s Spring Sing, a school-wide musical competition and one of the largest concerts on campus.


Sketches coming soon! 

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